Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just So You Know

Kathy made some criminally delicious lemon-ginger frozen yogurt the other day, and you should all be jealous of me because I got to eat it two nights in a row, and you didn't have any.

Petty, I know. But I take my pleasures where I may.

(Seriously -- it's better than you can even imagine.)


Sharon GR said...

Mmmm... lemon ginger...

chrisready said...

Just so you know, Jeri baked me a Pumkin Pie for my birthday and I got to eat it 4 nights in a row and you didn't have any.

Petty, I know, but I take my pleasures where I may.

Rob S. said...

Screw you, hippie! You and your four nights of pie. It's like half of a pie Hannukah.

Mmm.. Pie Hannukah. That sounds all right.

And pumpkin pie is a fine pie for it.

Rob S. said...

Okay, I take back all my fake anger, now that you've inspired Pie Hannukah.

chrisready said...

Had to think why you were calling me "hippie" but then read the word "pie" in a Cartman voice.

Well played, Mr. Staeger, well played.

Rob S. said...

What's funny is, I didn't know why I called you a hippie until you put your finger on it. I wrote it, looked back and said WTF?, and then decided not to change it because it just felt right, somehow.

So well played to you, sir!