Friday, June 16, 2006

Mad Libs: The Final Rounds!

This is it: The moment before the moment before the moment you’ve all been waiting for. You’ve got all weekend to choose the last three words!

Round 43: PLURAL NOUN (a fancy word referring to common objects)
Round 44: PLURAL NOUN (just a plain ol’ plural noun, but it’s the last one, so get your ya-yas out)

Soon, all will be revealed!


P.S. Remember to vote in the previous round!


ktbuffy said...

Round 42: That's not a name, right? If you wanted a femal proper name, you'd have said "female proper name." So I'm going with MOTHER.
Round 43: MURDER (as in "of crows")
Round 44: MAXIPADS

I'm working on an alliteration thing.

Rob S. said...

Actually, I did mean a name, but mother will work too.

Sharon GR said...

I like the alliteration theme. Let's use:

42. Lucinda
43. Lavatories
44. Lucite Lamps

Andrew said...

42. Femalé
43. boudoir
44. lemmings

Sharon GR said...

boudoir is plural?

Rob S. said...

It's not, actually -- but strangely enough it works in the text just the same, so I'll let it run unchanged.