Friday, June 02, 2006

Switched Counters

A little housekeeping... I switched counters over to Sitetracker because.. well, because I forgot my blogpatrol password. And when they send you a new one, they send it to you as an email.

But they never sent the email. So when I got into work and found my actual password, it wouldn't work. Their program had already changed it. But time after time, I tried to get an email from them, to no avail. I wrote to their admin and it bounced.

So fuck 'em. Sitetracker's in the corner now...until they piss me off and feel my wrath.

Count's the same, though.



Jeri said...

Ah, that's good to know that you don't lose the count by switching to a new tracker. Maybe I'll try it, too. BlogPatrol is giving less info than they used to.

Sharon GR said...

BlogPatrol is really annoying me lately. I planned to switch on 6/1 but, well, I totally forgot.

Sharon GR said...

Added Sitemeter today.

Dave said...

sometimes, Joel, you just gotta say "what the fuck."

Rob S. said...

Yes indeedy do.

Jeri said...

Um, did you know that if I click on your Sitemeter thingy I can see all your data? I'm not too comfortable with that myself. I'll keep my stealthy worthless BlogPatrol instead.

Actually, I'm not too keen on everyone being able to see my details as a visitor, so, um, I'm a little creeped out and will be leaving now.

Jeri said...

OK, I just checked Site Meter's page, and you can select a privacy level that will make your stats password protected.

Sitemeter doesn't offer a "stealth" or invisible counter option without a paid upgrade, so it's out for me.