Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sports? Me?

I'm not really sure how I got started watching the World Cup -- okay, that's not true, I started watching the Angola/Portugal match, because whenever a team faces their colonial oppressors on an international stage for the first time, it sounds like good TV. But I don't know why I've kept watching, me being not a sports person at all.

But this Australia/Italy game that I just watched (thanx Tivo!)... whoa. The Italians lost a man about halfway through due to a red card (which I take to be a really bad foul), although the announcers seemed to think it wasn't merited. Essentially, they had an 11-10 power play for 50 minutes of the game. And yet they never really pressed the advantage. While they seemed to have control most of the time, they weren't ferociously attacking. Which is a shame, because I was rooting for them.

And then, at the absolute last moment, an Italian player trips over an Aussie, causing a foul. Looking at the replays, it looks more like he steped over him and then decided to fall, to be honest. One slo-mo shot even showed him with what I'd call an excited smile as he dropped. But the refs call the foul, and Italy gets a penalty kick. Which, since things are tied 0-0, could decide the game.

And it does. Goes right in. So one guy's brainstorm to take a dive when the opportunity presents itself gets Italy into the final 8.

As much as I wanted Australia to win, my inner con man says that's pretty cool.



Jeri said...

I heard the Italians are really good actors, but that might've been sour grapes from a fan of the US Team.

I can't believe I just made a comment about soccer. Next I'll have an opinion about paper clips.

Rob S. said...

It’s all the commedia dell’arte experience. Il Dottore took to the field to check out his injury.

Jeri said...

I really hate the rough paper clips that are supposed to be "extra-grippy" or whatever, but they always leave skid marks on the paper.

Rob S. said...

You should make sure they "go" before they leave the box.