Monday, June 05, 2006

Mad Libs, Round 32 & 33

What I need:

Round 32: Yet another NOUN.
Round 33: A VERB signifying a recurring action (for a singular subject). (Basically, this a present tense verb ending in S. In the time-honored tradition of the Smurfs, I provide this example: “He SMURFS so much I had to smurf a window just to get the smurfing smell out of the cushions.” (The capitalized “smurfs” is the word to watch.)


UPDATE: Just one nomination for these round, so no voiting. SPIT BUCKET's our noun; SMURFS is our verb.

1 comment:

Sharon GR said...

32. spit bucket

33. I like smurfs. Gotta go with smurfs.

If you need a nonsense word, my confirm word for blogger is "yuggrlus," which I kinda like.