Friday, June 02, 2006

Mad Libs, Rounds 30 & 31

Noun, noun, get a noun, I need a noun (yeaaaah!)
Get a noun, noun noun, I need a noun
I need a NOUN…
on the town…
I’ll be your lifelong friend…
A mariachi band…

(Seriously, I’ve never had any idea what those last two falsetto lines are.)

And more important: Round 30 and Round 31 each call for a NOUN.


UPDATE:Another either/or pick. Round 30 choices are NOUN and SUNDIAL. Round 31 choicesare INSTRUCTIONS and SLAVE NAME. Vote, me hearties! Cast yer ballots to thefour winds of th'Internet!

UPDATE 2:One vote tips the scales for NOUN and INSTRUCTIONS.


Jeri said...

Here are the lyrics and chords, if you want to check them out (I didn't want to post the lyrics, because yours are frankly better, and if you want to keep them and not know the real ones, you should.)

Oh, a noun?

How about "NOUN"?

Rob S. said...

NOUN'll do for one of 'em -- how abotu the other?

And yeah... I wonder whether I should venture there. My most cherished misunderstood lyric is this repeated wail in Dr. John's "I Walk on Gilded Splinters." I'm not sure what it is exactly (and I've avoided finding out for years) but it sounds to me like "Did I murder?" which is the coolest question in the universe.

Chris A. said...

30: sundial
31: slave name

(If it's not "Did I murder?", it certainly should be.)

Rob S. said...

"Slave name?" You didn't just see X3, did you?

Jeri said...

I always thought the wail from Walk on Gilded Splinters was "'Til I burn up!" but I was wrong. We are both close, though.

My own favorite misheard lyric was "Reverend Blue Jeans" instead of "Forever in Blue Jeans" by Neil Diamond. The weird thing is, on MST3K, they used that joke. Someone on screen said "Reverend" and one of the 'bots replied "Blue Jeans." That's when I knew they were in my head.

My other noun is:


as in, those things I can't read.

Rob S. said...

The MST3K guys were in my head, too. I remember seeing that episode at Cecilia's, and all being a bit surprized that the joke made sense to all of us.

And I was secretly hoping your other noun would be "verb."

Jeri said...

Originally it was going to be "adjective" but I forgot.

Sharon GR said...


Noun and Instructions