Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Nova Scotia Board of Tourism

Drinking doesn’t necessarily give me bad dreams…but sometimes it lets me wake up with bad notions. I got this idea soon after (during?) waking up this morning after a night of drinking strong beer with my friend Mike. The worst part is, I can’t convince myself it’s a truly bad idea.

It’s an idea for a Saturday Night Live sketch – a recurring one, in fact, called the Nova Scotia Board of Tourism. It stars a set of twin sisters as representatives of Nova Scotia in New York City, and they go about trying to raise Nova Scotia’s profile by horning in on whatever press conference is nearby. Some of their questions are about Nova Scotia (“What’s your stance on Lobster imports, Snoop Dogg?”) while most of the time they’re just trying to raise their own profile by asking what to them sound like hard-hitting questions:

Isn’t this just a case of connecting the dots, Congressman? Isn’t this just a simply matter of two times two equals five?”

“Um, two times two
doesn’t equal five.”

“Then what times two times two equals five? Tell me
that, congressman. And no fraction double-talk.”

Like I said, I’m not certain it’s a bad idea. But it’s hardly a slam-dunk good one.


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