Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Standing Up

Kevin's right.

Whining about Republicans doesn't make Obama or Clinton any more presidential. They should stand tall and fight back; doing so explicitly says why people should vote for them (instead of against the other guy), and the very fact of it demands respect. On the other hand, the message "He's not playing nice" carries the unmistakable odor of wimp. And who wants that?

UPDATE: This, from Edwards, is the smarter move. Still low on specifics, though.



Yasko said...

However, I think it was John Edwards whom suggested that Congress should keep subprime lenders from foreclosing. So, it's ok for some poor slob to buy more house than he can afford, and for Congress to steal from some businesses? That sounds mighty commie to me. Although, John Edwards is cute, like the tiny baby Jesus.

Rob S. said...

I hadn't heard about that; thanks, Yasko. And do you mean the little baby Jesus with his speak-n-spell in the manger, or the ninja Jesus who comes at you like a spider monkey?

(I didn't mean this post as an endorsement of Edwards, btw -- I've nowhere near come close to making up my mind on who to support. (I've never had to know by the primary before!) I'm just pointing out this his response was stronger than those of the other candidates.