Tuesday, June 19, 2007


First of all, apologies for the navel-gazing. It's pretty much inherent in posts like this.

On September 7, 2003, an unassuming little blog called “Laughing at the Pieces” was conceived, with these auspicious words:

I've got no idea what I want to accomplish with this blog, so I'm starting out on the wrong foot already.

Approximately nine months later, I did the unimaginable – created a second post!

Well, THAT was a roaring success.

And with that, what was once a little embryo blog had emerged, slimy and squealing, into the blogosphere. (Or maybe that was the week or two when all the hip kids were calling it the “blogohedron.” Who knows…)

And now, here we are. One thousand posts of nonsense. About politics, about comics, about movies and TV and New York and New Orleans, and all of them, inextricably, about me. (I can only imagine that is for the worse.)

I don’t have a large crowd coming to read my posts every day, and with the way my interests and focus shift, that’s pretty much inevitable. But I do have a steady bunch of readers, and that’s incredibly fulfilling. I like writing to people. I like knowing that if I get a notion in my head, there’s a place I can go to spread it around.

And I like knowing that I’ve been doing it for years.

Soon, I intend to wrap up some unfinished blog business. I haven’t forgotten my plans for the earworm list, for instance. And somewhere deep in the archives, I was listing the top 50 DC characters … and stopped just as I reached the top 10. I’ve still got that list, so that needs to get done, too.

Beyond that, there’s nowhere to go but forward.



Travis said...

Hey, Rob congrats. I am glad to see you have been plugging away for a good while now.

Sharon GR said...

Congrats. One thousand posts!

Rob S. said...

Thanks, guys.