Thursday, June 28, 2007

Not on the Deck, Nutsy!

So, as I was leaving the house yesterday evening, I noticed a squirrel was taking a leak on our deck.

I shooed him away, and he ran out into the street, and I continued to shoo him until he was out of sight.

And then I thought -- what if it's my dad?

I'm pretty much joking about that. Of course it's not my dad, and even if it were, I wouldn't let him pee on our patio. (Maybe especially if it were.) But every now and then since Dad died, Mom feels his presence when there's a squirrel around. (I don't know why the squirrels stand out to her; I'm sure she feels connected with him at different times every day, squirrel or no squirrel.) Anyway, the end result is that when I see squirrels, I think of Dad too. Which is nice.

Unless they're taking a leak.


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