Friday, May 18, 2007

At the Heart of Every House

I spent a good deal of my twenties going to see one band, week in and weekout – a gloriously skewed pop/rock/jam/folk/reggae combo called Neo Pseudo.They had an amzing hold over the room, and could get and keep me dancinglike no band I’ve ever seen before or since. They played at a number of differentplaces in Philly, notably Casa Mexicana in Manayunk and the North Star Bar,although I remember an amazing show at the Tin Angel with Beth Williams aswell. (NP’s drummer, Dave Biddison, still plays with Bet.) It's been toolong since I've heard them.

Anyhow, it occurred to me recently thatone of the lead singers, Mike Biddison, was also a carpenter and visual artist, and I wondered if any of his work was online. So I did some searching. And strangely enough, the first thing I found wasn’t his website, but a step-by-step project he did for a show on HGTV.

Then I found his website, It’s good to see that he retains the style and sense of whimsy that I alwaysdug about his music. And he’s still in the area, too.

I remember, years ago, looking at some of his and his wife’s art – particularly a semi-abstract painting of a mermaid that really floored me – and wondering where the hellI could put it. Now, living in a house of my own, I should really take a second look one of these days. Although with the semi-finished or soon-to-be-redonestate of our various rooms, the question remains… where could we put it?But I’m a lot more motivated to find an answer this time.



Andrew said...

That is really cool. Did you know (Neo Pseudo alum) Kevin Slick has a bunch of stuff for sale online here?

I am probably going to pick up Last Night in Philadelphia. It's from their final gig at Grape Street that we all went to.

Sharon GR said...

Mike Littlewood Biddison is the reason I'm Sharon GR not Sharon R.

His name was listed that way on his last album, and we (read- "Andrew") thought it was very cool that he used his wife's name too. When we married shortly after, we became the GRs instead of the Rs.

It's great to know Mike is still out there producing his art. Man, I wish he was still out there producing his music though.