Thursday, May 31, 2007

Nillz has a Question

I just got a comment from a reader named Nillz, regarding the music used in the puppetry act I linked to way back when. (And if you haven't seen it, it really is worth checking out.)

does anyone know what music is used in this act. i have the music from "the mission" but im looking for the piece that is played when he moves his thumb in like a plucking motion.

Can anyone help Nillz out? I can’t see video at work, and will likely not be able to hear it before the weekend is out because of brother E’s wedding festivities. Post your thoughts here or in the old link -- I'll be checking both. (Nillz may only be checking the original, though.)


1 comment:

Greg! said...

Nillz is spot-on with The Mission. That's Ennio Morriconi's score at the beginning and end of the performance.

I can't identify the selections in between, though.