Friday, May 25, 2007

Before Statue Week Concludes

I want to take the opportunity to link to a dumbass. I love this trainwreck of a blog: It’s like going to the monkey house and watching a chimp throw his own shit.

But the main reason for that link (and don’t bother reading to far, just get a general idea of the guy and move on) is so I can link to Ami Angelwings’ absolutely brilliant satire of the guy. (And be sure to check out Kalinka’s comment, below. It’s gold.)

If your child ever asks you, “Mom, Dad, why did God make morons?” now you know the answer: “So we can ridicule them, dear. Nighty-nite.”

Truly, we are blessed.



Greg! said...

Re: the dumbass
Oh. My. God.
I couldn't actually read much of the stuff there. I skimmed. I skimmed some comments. (Nice typo gibe, there.) But mostly I just sat in sad awe.

Andy said...

I'm not into comics; and I'm not really sensitive to things that others find offensive. In fact what many people find offensive I find funny because it is so outrageous.

So my question is aren't people spending a little too much time on this statue thing. Or did I miss that the war is over, global warming solved and cancer cured?

Rob S. said...

You didn't miss anything, Andy, and you're right -- it's a tempest in a D cup. But it gives people something to talk about, and what the hell else is the internet for?

Ami Angelwings said...

Hi Rob :D

The internet is also for chicken police


And other random things XD

I didn't know that we had to talk about serious issues first before we talk about just random things that bug us on our own blogs :)

Rob S. said...

Chicken police?

Ami, you consistently amaze.