Friday, May 25, 2007

More Lost Speculation

My last post prompted my brother Tom to write to me with a possible explanation for Jack's father being alive: That it wasn't just a flash-forward, but also an alternate universe. The episode, he points out, was called "Through the Looking Glass," after all. (It was, however, also a flash forward, whatever universe it happened in. The name of the funeral home, Hoffs Drawlar, is an anagram fro Flash Forward.)

In fact, the idea of an alternate universe ties in with my own personal pet theory of the island -- that it's like Brigadoon, only appearing in our dimension for brief periods. Could it be that instead of being in Limbo when it's not here, it shifts between realities?

In a world where my brother writes to me, sci-fi/fantasy/comics geek that I am, to open my mind to the possibility of alternate universes, rather than the other way around, I'm willing to believe that anything's possible.


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