Friday, May 18, 2007

Phrase of the Week!

...from about a month ago, actually.

Kathy & I are finally getting around to watching some Tivoed eps of The Amazing Race, and in the most recent one, a boyfriend-girlfriend team (I don't remember their names, and I can't go to the website to check or I'll find out who won) got yeilded* by the Beauty Queens (Dustin and...I'm drawing a blank). They feel betrayed by them, like the BQs are cheating somehow -- and for that matter, the blondies were shown feeling really guilty about yielding them because they like them (I have no idea why), but felt they were the strongest team.

(*A Yield is when one team can choose stop another team in its tracks for a certain period of time -- I think it's a half hour.)

So, feeling all betrayed and such, the girlfriend wonders why the BQs would do such a thing. (For a million dollars. Cripes!) And her boyfriend (pretty much a constant jerk) has the answer: "They're hookers. They're dirty pirate hookers."

And by introducing the phrase "dirty pirate hookers" into my lexicon, jerkboy has justified his existence. This post is me justifying mine.

UPDATE: More fun with dirty pirate hookers.