Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lost Season Finale (Now Extra Spoilery!)

I'm sure I'm not the only one among us who watches this show, so here's a question: If the Jack sequences were flash-forwards, why does he refer to his father being alive and working at the hospital?

But mostly, if you feel like posting something about Lost, feel free to do it below.

UPDATE: I'm really impressed with the way Lost turned itself around this season. It had really been floundering for a direction, and then, suddenly, it found its footing again. With this episode, it delived the best season finale I've seen this season. (Yes, including Heroes, and even the wonderfully uncomfortable (and ultimately satisfying) finale to The Office.

Some more questions:

Who's in the casket? For a while I thought it was Jack himself. Now I'm starting to think it's Ben. (That is, assuming future Kate is with Sawyer.) Some folks think it's Michael.

Why isn't future Kate in jail?

Did only Jack, Kate and Casket leave the island, or have others?

If Naomi's boat people weren't sent by Penny, how did they know about Desmond?

And finally: GO, HURLEY!

What an excellent show.


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