Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dead Eye

Here’s a photo of a target I punched a few holes in the other day, with a Sig Sauer 9mm.

Burglars beware! I’m getting better with a handgun! So, if I ever get one:

a) you’ll be sorry,
and b) we’ll finally have an excuse to replace the carpet.

On the other hand, I have literally forgotten how to aim a shotgun. Big Dutt and I split a box of clays at the range, but between last year and this, I’d forgotten the one lesson I have to relearn each time: Which eye to close when looking down the barrel at the bead. While looking out the wrong eye, I couldn’t line up the bead to the target, so I naturally couldn’t follow it as it flew. A good six clays flew by, with no interference from shot at all, before my instructor caught my problem. I think I pegged a couple after that, but I was trounced by Dutton, who really blasted the hell out of them.



bastard central said...

sounds like you used to work for a gun magazine sir ;-)

Rob S. said...

Man, I'm *still* kicking myself over blowing that round of skeet, though.

bastard central said...

offsite in may. can't wait to miss some clays and then have andrew make shit work.

i hate the politic in my industry but, i like the industry.

and the 4 pheasants in my freezer