Thursday, March 04, 2010

Jingle Balls, Jingle Balls

Considering all the medicine that Gus has taken, I'm naturally a little concerned now that he's mostly off the meds. Especially since, although he was up and about when I left for the coffee shop this morning, he was dead tired, and extremely tough to rouse, once I got home and it was time to set the weasels free and give them their medicine. But when I finally took him out of his cube hammock (not so easy do do; it's much easier for him to climb out himself), he ran around like a good little guy. I scattered his jingly balls around the room, and he gamely gathered them up and brought them back to the corner he prefers they stay. And now, up here, I can hear him playing with them, lying on his back clutching a jingle ball to his tummy, batting it with his paws and making it ring. A happy, happy sound.

One more ferret medicine story and I might move on to something else:

The second day of giving Gus the bacteria-building paste, I put it on my finger and let Gus lick it off. (The first day, I hadn't realized it was paste and tried to squirt it directly into his mouth. It was like I was caulking the poor guy.) Gus enjoyed it, and happily lapped it up. Problem was, She-Devil was up and about, too, and wanted to get at it as well. I kept her away until almost the last of it was gone, but figured as a nutritional supplement, it wouldn't do her any harm, and let her have a taste. She loved it too, and battled Gus for the very last tiny glob on my finger.

As paste, it didn't disappear immediately, and she kept licking her lips. And Gus could now detect more of it on She-Devil than on my finger, she he started licking her, too. And for a moment, their tongues were out of their mouths, licking each other's tongues. Full-on ferret tongue-on-tongue porno kissing.

I don't think I've ever seen something so creepy and adorable at the same time.


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