Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Missed a Few Days

I'll be catching up on my posts (I missed Sunday and Monday) soon. Long story short: Sunday, we had a friend stay over, and I chose to be social (and watch Dead Snow, with Nazi zombies), and then yesterday I spent the day editing in the city, followed by a train that got stopped on the track while waiting for a fire to clear south of us. A long day, believe me, and one that ended up with me realizing I was getting sick. So now I'm home, and sick, and I think I'll watch a movie. But here, for you, is the trailer to Dead Snow. Because Nazi zombies, that's why.


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Sharon GR said...

Michael Moore mentioned this movie yesterday morning in an interview on NPR. He was talking about his favorite DVDs. Listen to it here: Michael Moore
It's only about 7 min. long, worth hearing.