Monday, September 11, 2006

Baby, if you've ever wondered...

The intrepid Clark Kent DC at the Captain Comics Forums has uncovered the secret to one of life's great mysteries: What the hell are they singing during the WKRP end credits?

First of all, take a listen. Just hearing that again brings back memories. Man, I miss that show.

Next, once you've satisfied yourself that no way are you ever in a million years gonna have the slightest idea what the mush-mouthed singer is belting out, check out this transcription. It makes about as much sense as could be expected, I suppose.

Thanks, CK, and especially to you, transcriber extrordinaire T.E. Ackerson! Now get to work on whatever Benicio Del Toro says in The Usual Suspects!



bastard central said...

i think it started with:

"gimme the keys you cocksucker"

"he'll flip ya. lip ya for real"

and something about kaiser soze being a some kind of mad butcher

Lobbyist said...

I was wrong before THIS is why Al Gore invented the internet

Rob S. said...

Oh, yes, my brutha.

(I'll take any excuse for me to post a photo of the always-dreamy Jan Smithers, to be honest...)

Jeri said...

Wow. That truly is one of life's great mysteries. I do believe that song lyrics are the single most important purpose of the World Wide Web.

Next thing you know, Jimmy Hoffa's body will turn up in on the internet. Maybe that's what's clogging up the tubes.