Friday, September 29, 2006

Refreshing change

Here's something, at least, Sally -- the Weird Al video for "White and Nerdy."




Dave said...

lots of quick gags... "Star Wars Holiday Special" bootleg VHS tape!

i'm glad i only identify with about 2/3 of the things he raps about.

67% nerd!

btw, the song parodied is Chamillionaire's Ridin'

sally said...

HAAAAAA! Thanks, Rob! I needed that tonight! Every time I hear Weird Al I think of how we used to stay up on Sunday nights to listen to Dr. Demento on your clock radio. Good times!

I saw this video last week on VH1 and I laughed my head off just as much then as I did tonight! One question-- I'm not able to make out who the dancing guy in the background is when Weird Al is singing the refrain. Is it Simon Cowell? If it is that makes it even more hilarious! I'm going to watch the video again to see if I can tell who it is.

Ham-on, ham-on, ham on whole wheat, all right!

sally said...

I just watched again and I think the guy in the background is Donny Osmond. I am cracking up! It keeps getting better!

Rob S. said...

I think it's Donny Osmond, too.

There was a bumper on Cartoon network the other night that said "If you traveled back in time to 1984 and told your past self that 22 years later Michael Jackson would be a total flameout and Weird Al would still be going strong, you would have laughed your head off."

And yea, Dave -- Wookie Life Day!

Dave said...

I saw Donny Osmond on stage in NYC a week ago as Gaston in Disney's Beauty and the Beast. He was great! Rosie O'Donnell sat in the next row over with her clan of kids.