Saturday, September 23, 2006

You might notice

a few more names on the ol' blogroll. I updated the friends list, as well as added a handful of comics blogs down below. I don't have time to post about 'em now, but if you're in an exploring mood, you might want to check one or two of 'em out.

Then again, if you're in an exploring mood, your ass is probably outdoors on this lovely day.



Randy said...


Thanks for the link to Comic Pants! Always nice to get a link from a kindred spirit, both in terms of being a comics fan and in terms of politics.

Rob S. said...

Sure thing Randy -- I've always enjoyed the Fourth Rail, and the new site looks great!

livingjetlag said...

so is the picture a teenage mutant ninja turtle then?

Rob S. said...

Yep -- it's Raphael on vacation.