Friday, September 01, 2006

My First Embedded Video! (Will It Work?)

I saw this cartoon at a sick and twisted animation festival in Baltimore years and years ago. And all I could remember was the name, which cracked me up. So I hereby present: "Jean-Jean and the Evil Cat." Thought you might like it.


(And in that spirit: check this out.)



Alice in Wonderbread said...

Yup. It works.

Rabah Qial said...

I could have listened for the hundredths time and yet come up saying: what's the point, folks :)
Rabah Qial

Greg! said...

At last.
At last!
At last I know the joy that is Jean-Jean and The Evil Cat.

Seriously, I've wondered about that this thing since Rob told me about it years ago. Years, baby.

That God Almighty, I know at last.