Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Dirty Trix

Using IP-tracking, bluejersey mods have uncovered that campaign staffers for Kean Junior are trolling, leaving comments pretending to be disaffected Dems unhappy with Menendez. Silly Rabbits. Save it for the Newsarama boards so you can complain that Grant Morrison’s Batman run is getting some fill-in issues*. This is strictly amateur hour, desperation stuff.

*By John Ostrander and Tom Mandrake! Yay!

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Sharon GR said...

It gets better.

The Kean JUNIOR folks denied it, of course. But, from the Star-Ledger:

"(Jill) Hazelbaker argued that the address Melli said was on the postings is not the campaign’s IP address.

But it is the same IP address that appears on numerous official campaign e-mails sent by Hazelbaker to The Star-Ledger through the course of the campaign."

Oh, so desperate. Oh, so caught.