Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Postcards from the Edge

More about Kean staffers: A Philly Inquirer article reported that one member of his campaign team, Christopher Lyon, “once sent out thousands of anonymous post cards and automated phone calls accusing a New Hampshire candidate's wife of being in an orgasm cult.”

This is more than just a typical sleazy Republican tactic. It’s worse…far worse.

These monsters are dangling the hope that there’s an orgasm cult out there somewhere. That’s just mean.

(I found this link in the comments of the story below.)


bastard central said...

ummm, color me naive but what pray tell is an orgasm cult?

Rob S. said...

Wouldn't I like to know?

I mean, um, "Wouldn't you like to know?"

See? that's why this is so cruel.

(And what color is naive? Can I make it by mixing raw umber and burnt sienna?)

bastard central said...

look speaking as a painter, if you mixed raw umber and burnt sienna you get poop brown which is totally useless unless you're doing a portrayal of the closing scene of pink flamingos.

naive is more like a mauve or some crap like that (hah! CRAP get it?)

all in all. local politics make me ill. i don't even know who's running against any of the democrats in my state because they get no air time. curiouser and curiouser