Wednesday, May 04, 2005

200 hours!

The Princeton Filibuster has made it to 200 hours. To put that in perspective, stop reading this now and come back on May 12th at 4 a.m.


Uh, wuzzat? You wanna -- did I say four in the mumblefug mornin'? You gotta be kiddin' me...

Okay, welcome back. Did you do anything fun in those 200 hours? Did you, say, watch all four seasons of 24 twice? Including the five eps yet to air, and filling up the time formerly allotted to commercials with DVD extras? Or you could have tried to stop a government that represents the views of 52% of the population from running roughshod over the rights of the other 48%. That's what the Princetonians are doing, and they've been doing it loud and proud since April 26th.

By the way, here's a link to the Hardball appearance way back when on Tuesday, May 2nd. College Republicans joined in to grab some of the limelight, and while they also deserve to be heard, I wish they hadn't drowned out filibuster organizer Asheesh Siddique when he tried to answer Chris Matthews' questions.

Karen, a blogger at Princeton Progressive Review, wrote about the experience. I particularly liked this paragraph:

The Republican counter-protesters (i.e. media-grubbing partisans) attempted to use the chant "U-S-A!" And what did the rest of the crowd do? We joined in. You should have seen how confused they looked. You could hear them thinking "wait a minute! WE'RE the patriots here!" Unfortunately not, guys. You can't lay exclusive claim to that designation. What we're doing here might just be the most patriotic thing it's possible to do at this place and time. And we're going to KEEP ON DOING IT.

Sing it, Karen.


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Andrew said...

Yeah, I watched it too. It was telling how much the rude the GOP protesters were and how courteous the pro-filibuster ones were in comparison. One more example of how wrong Coulter can be (see my comments on the Shaken Up post).