Sunday, May 15, 2005

Been a Long Time

...but I'm back. Had a swell vacation, made even better for all the time spent with friends and family. I'll get to hard core blogging soon enough, but to be honest, I've got very little idea of what went on in the world this week. So here's a brief overview of what went on with me & Kathy.

Drove to my bother and sister-in-law's place. They're doing well, and I'm damn close to being an uncle again. Like in a week or two. We had some great chili, and saw Hitch at the Arlington Cinema Drafthouse, a combo bar and 2nd-run movie theater. It's an idea whose time has long since come, but for some reason isn't spreading like kudzu.

The next day, we drove to West Virginia. Had some mighty good peanut soup on the way. Set up camp just before dark, and ate dinner at a gourmet pizza shop called Pies and Pints in Fayetteville. The Cuban pork pizza was plenty tasty.

Went whitewater rafting on Monday and Tuesday with Class VI outfitters and our excellent guide Eric. Rafter the New River first, and the next day took smaller boats into the low-flow upper Gauley. Eric said that probably only about 5,000 people have rafted the upper Gauley at this level; it's most often rafted at peak flow in the fall. This was challenging water -- two of the three guides were tossed from their boats!

Wednesday, Kathy & I headed up to Maryland, stopping to hike to the top of Seneca Rock in WV. It was a good walk; we gained 1,000 feet of elevation in 1.5 miles, and were rewarded with a spectacular view.

We spent Wednesday night through Saturday with our friends Chris and Jeri, and it was great to see them for such an extended period. Time was, they were both part of my everyday life -- there was barely a day that went by when I didn't see them. Now, at least, we keep in touch more with blogging and commenting, but face-to-face is best. Particularly when Kathy cleans everyone's clock at poker (mine first). We took a driving tour of Gettysburg, had some terrific meals, and generally had a great time.

Saturday afternoon we were back up in Pennsylvania. Spent a little time with my Mom and my already-extant nephews, and then I headed out to a bachelor party while Kathy headed home. I can't say much about the party (bachelor's code and all), but at one point in the evening Kathy receieved a text message from me saying:

I heart u. Jay is the goddam Pope.

Which might give you some idea of how much fun we were having. Congrats Jay -- and remember to bring ice for the road.


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