Friday, May 06, 2005

Domo Arigato

Did any of you know about this? And not tell me? Say you didn't know!

(Thanks to Miss New Orleans for leading me to Wang Chi's House of Pancakes, which let me know what's going down in JUST FIVE DAYS. Cool blogs, both of them.)

FIVE DAYS til The Big Bang.





Rob said...

I have heard their version of "I Am The Walrus" and it ranks right up there with William Shatner's "Mr. Tambourine Man." Worst. Cover. Ever. I don't hold out much hope for anything else on the album. Since they parted ways with Dennis DeYoung, they seem to be off in la la land.

PapaGoose said...

I did not know about this at all. I saw them in concert right before John Panazzo got sick. It was a good show. I haven't heard anything about them since then. No Dennis!? And that cover art just says, "This sucks!"

Sharon GR said...

I'm scared.

I did not know about this either. I'm not sure I'm willing to part with any money to hear it, either.

Rob S. said...

You won't have to. I was ordering some other things from Amazon anyway, and could't help myself.

Locomotive Breath? I'm too curious for words.

PapaGoose said...

I just looked at the song list. How many of those tracks are covers?

I'm terrified if "Wishing Well" is that Terrance Trent D'Arby song.

Rob S. said...

I count 8 that pretty much have to be -- and Salty Dog is probably a Procol Harum number, but I'm not familiar with it. (I'm just as sure that they would be, though.))

Sharon GR said...

Yup, it's all covers. Including Blue Collar Man, a cover of themselves. In their own words from their website, it's a "reinterpretation of the 'Great Rock Songbook.'"

I'm still scared.

If you go to , you can see the video for I am the Walrus.

I'm even more scared.

Andrew said...

"Reinterpretation of the 'Great Rock Songbook.'" That's the kind of pretentiousness we come to expect from Styx. And the manage to achieve it without Dennis DeYoung!

Dave said...

this can only mean one thing:

Gotterdammerung approaches!

Greg! said...

Not sure if this really means the Twilight of the Gods is upon us, but DAMN that is one weird track listing. Beatles to Tull in under ten tracks. I'm curious about this, but a that creepy curious way that makes me glad Rob is buying it so that I don't have to.

Rob S. said...

Hey, from Tull to CSN in ONE track.

But you *know* JY will be singing Locomotive Breath. It's practically built for him.

Sharon GR said...

That's funny. The first thing Andrew said when seeing the track list was, "Locomotive Breath? That's JY for sure."

Jeri said...

In response to PapaGoose's comment regarding the cover art, that is actually a Hubble Space Telescope image of the Helix nebula. A beautiful object, to be sure, but where's the original artwork?

No original music, no original cover art. Makes you wonder if they just decided to put this album together to make some quick cash.


Andrew said...

You know, Christian, my wife called me a geek when I tried to identify the nebula. I got it wrong, though. I thought it was the Ring Nebula (M57), which you have to admit is an easy mistake for a novice like me to make.

BTW, Amazon now has the song samples up. As expected, Locomotive Breath is JY. Blue Collar @2120 is, IMHO lame. You should NOT slow that song down.