Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Island Life

So, tonight’s the last episode of Lost. This has been one of my favorite shows this year, and for fun I thought I’d wonder aloud at some of the mysteries that we may or may not see wrapped up tonight.

The Black Rock: It’s obviously a very old ship. The question is, did the French lady (I’m blanking on her name) sail over on it? How old is she? Is there time displacement involved?

The Raft: The previews show them encountering something in the water. Will it push them back to the island? Is it some sort of security system to keep them from escaping?

The Others: How did DeLenn (yep, I’m still blanking) know the Others were coming (since the black smoke hadn’t started yet). What do they want with Claire’s baby? What’s their relation to Ethan Rom.

The Hatch: What’s in there, anyway? I certainly don’t think it’s a safe lace to hide – and psychic Walt seems to think so too. When he heard they’d be opening the hatch, he suddenly seemed a lot more gung-ho to take his chances on the Raft.

The Numbers: Hurley’s lottery numbers appear everywhere. Who sent the signal out that eventually led them to the Hurl-man? Why? This is one mystery I think has a chance of being answered this episode. When that hatch opens tonight, we’ll learn a lot.

And I honestly can’t wait.



Dave said...

I watched the VHS tape of the last 30 minutes last night. i had watched the first 90 when it aired, then had daughter stuff to do.

i'm almost as confused as before i watched it. then again, i've missed a few of the episodes this season.

i knew shooting the flare gun wasn't a good idea. my first thought was "pirates," like the ones in Peter Benchley's "Island."

Rob S. said...

Yep -- simply by it being season one, getting piced up couldn't be really good news. But I wasn't prepared for how flay-out bad things got.

I thought the episode moved a little slow, all told; I'd heard they expanded it a little to compete with something on opposite, so there was a lot of "air" in the ep. But that air brought us good stuff like "Some of us actually lost weight on this island. Where are you hiding the carbs?" so I can't really complain. Hearing the various castaways discuss what are essentially fan speculation on what's going on there was pretty cool, as well.