Monday, October 29, 2007

Ahoy, Indeed.

Our scanner mysteriously started working again! Which means I can bring you this tale of forbidden love on the sea:

Okay, it may not seem all that lovely-dovey, what with the spear-throwing and whatnot... but read it again with your eyes closed.

The family that whales together, impales together.


(Images from House of Mystery #183, published by DC Comics in 1969. Story by Robert Kanigher; art by Jerry Grandenetti and Wally Wood. Subtext by Abercrombie & Fitch.)


Ami Angelwings said...

How do you read with your eyes closed? o_O

Rob S. said...

Yeah, I knew that was an oyymoron when I wrote it, but I liked the sound of it.

Just pay attention to the text:

"My blood sings with excitement when I think of casting my harpoon at a target that LIVES!"

"Have a go at me!"

"I will hurl my harpoon at ANYTHIN' that lives and breathes!"

"Were I a whale -- I would be nailed right and proper!"

I swear, the things these guys'll go through for a little sperm oil...

Chris A. said...

I hope (for Kathy's sake) this doesn't suggest your Halloween plans...