Thursday, October 11, 2007

Busting a Cap

Come January, there'll be a new Captain America in town, with a costume design by Alex Ross. And he'll be packin' heat.

Should be something to see.



InGenius Festival - Voices from the Writers' Forum said...

Granted, I'm not a comics fan, but that just looks WRONG. Superheroes are supposed to have superpowers not super guns.

Rob S. said...

I know what you mean, but comics being what they are, this is likely to be a temporary thing. I don't think I'd want Captain America packin' heat forever -- I like the punching and shield-throwing -- but I think there'll be some good stories to tell with the new guy in the suit.

Greg! said...

One of those good stories should be about the reasons why Captain America shouldn't be packing heat.

By the way, who's going to be in that suit?

Rob S. said...

They're not tellin' yet.

Things seem to be building toward Bucky/Winter Soldier taking over, so I expect a curve from that.

Hawkeye's not a bad guess, IMO.

bastard central said...


i haven't read cap in a great while but i see the pistol as firstly, a harbinger of the eventuality that this cap will go the way of the dodo like nomad and some of the other captain america walk ons we have seen over the years. but secondly, i see the new accesories as a nod to cap's association with the invaders. particularly union jack who always rocked a pistol.

the bastard feels that captain america will be played by the beyonder or perhaps the lead singer of right said fred

Rob S. said...

If he's played by the Beyonder, how's he get all that Jeri-curl under the mask?

bastard central said...

two words.

hair net.

three more words.

he's the beyonder

i mean seriously, he could just will that shit away when he's in costume