Monday, April 21, 2008

...But It Pours

On Friday afternoon, we put the Dude to sleep. I've been meaning to write more about him all weekend, but it's been the busiest weekend we've had in a long while. So I'll write a little bit about him in a few minutes.

Right now, though, my more pressing issue is She-Devil. She's a ferret that tends to get into little scrapes. She's blind as a bat, but adventurous, able to climb the outside of her cage and cross the gate into the kitchen if we don't keep an eye on her. She usually does it a couple of times a night before she gives up.

Last night, I noticed she was trembling as I snuggled with her. She was acting strangely in other ways, too -- she stayed and the food bowl and chowed down instead of taking a couple of pieces with her and eating them in private. We speculated that it might be because she misses the Dude, although I didn't want to project my feelings onto her; a less emotional possibility was that she was stressed from being disoriented because there were all these scents around of a ferret she couldn't find. Eventually she went to sleep, and then I did too, leaving Kathy to deal with Gus and She-Devil before she came up to bed.

This morning, She-Devil was still trembling. We're worried she's in some kind of pain, and are bringing her to the vet today. As I left, Kathy was going to make an appointment when they opened. I don't know when it is, or what will happen there.

I'm terrified for her.



Sharon GR said...

Oh... good luck.

Rob S. said...

Thanks. Kathy just called and told me the appointment is for later this afternoon. I'm crossing my fingers.

Rob S. said...

It could be a sprained ankle or something. Hopefully it's something little. My mind is just going directly to worst-case scenarios right now, because of recent events.

Alexandra Kitty said...

Good luck, Rob. Hoping for the best.

Jeri said...

Fingers crossed for the little girl. I know it's scary, after all you've been through.

Great seeing you this weekend, BTW. Sorry you had to deal with a trip to Newark Airport on top of everything else.

Rob S. said...

The trip to the airport was no problem, Jeri -- the only agitation was the trip back from Philly, which frayed my rapidly thinning nerves. And I'd have made that trip whether or not you were in town.

It was great to see you!

Rob S. said...

Oh, and she's fine, apparently. As I've posted above.