Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Why I Should Never Get Twitter

>>I am full of hate for idiot bureaucrats. Fucking moron. Fuck. Fuck Fucking fucking fuckkkkk.




Rob said...

Is it because you think you wouldn't be able to hold your tongue for these kinds of quick 140 character outbursts? Or because you don't think they should be out there?

Please enlighten, because I want to know. As a regular Twitter user, I am interested.


Rob S. said...

Just that the things that would prompt me to post on Twitter would get me fired. I'm afraid that my short, impulsive outbursts would almost always be rage-based.

Nothing against the service. I've thought about using it. But the one big advantage for me -- updating from my phone -- is tempered by my having to pay every time I update. I doubt I'll have anything too important to say that can't wait.

You seem to be having a ball with it, though, which is great!