Thursday, April 03, 2008

National Disgrace

Hey look! We were stripped of our rights! Again!

Here's the lede of an AP story about a memo that said the Fourth Amendment couldn't protect us from the government.

For at least 16 months after the Sept. 11 terror attacks in 2001, the Bush administration believed that the Constitution's protection against unreasonable searches and seizures on U.S. soil didn't apply to its efforts to protect against terrorism.

I swear, considering the frequency and vigor with which Bush has wiped his ass with the Constitution, it's a wonder Nicolas Cage ever found that treasure.



Unknown said...

I just got my driver's license renewed this month, and I took that opportunity to change my party affiliation. After twenty six years, I no longer am willing to call myself a Republican. I still stop short of calling Bush "evil," but I will say I believe he's the biggest idiot to ever be elected President.

Anonymous said...

My opinion of Bush has changed dramatically since 2000. Knowing what I know now, I wouldn't have voted for him back then. But I couldn't bring myself to vote for either of his opponents, either.

Travis said...

I haven't allied myself with either party in quite some time, but like radiodad I couldn't vote for Bush's opponents either.

Will Staples said...

I think Warren G. Harding was the biggest idiot ever elected president. Bush comes in a very close second, though.

Greg! said...

I'll say it.

George W. Bush is either the most unpatriotic, anti-American imbecile ever to occupy an elected office in the federal government, or he's just outright evil.

Probably both.

Greg! said...

Oh, and it's still possible Harding was the biggest idiot ever elected president.
I'm still not convinced George W. Bush was ever actually elected president.

Rob S. said...

I'm just wondering why no one's called me on the fact that the treasure map was on the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution. (I knew that, but didn't want to kill the joke. But Now It Can Be Told.)

Greg! said...

Umm... Maybe 'cause I never saw the movie?

Rob S. said...

Me neither, actually. But I found out the gaffe when I went to link to National Tearsure's IMDB page, before deciding that putting a link there ruined the punchline (by giving just a hair of distraction to the reader, thinking "what's he linking to?").

Then I thought about a PS about the joke, but decided that would have the same effect. So I decided that I would explain all this when someone called me on it. But no one ever did. So now I have to confess of my own volition.